100% KPI performance for a digital marketing agency in Colorado and 100+ appointments in a year

  • 115appointments booked in 14 months
  • 20deals closed
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryAdvertising & Marketing
HeadquartersNorthglenn, Colorado, USA
Company size1-10 employees

About X3 Marketing Group

X3 Marketing is an outsourced digital marketing agency from Denver, Colorado, working with small to medium-sized businesses. The company helps local companies in fields such as construction, restoration, roofing, HVAC, remodeling, cleaning, plumbing, etc., to boost their online presence and engage new customers via promotion, website design, information campaigns, advertising, etc.

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Responsible team
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Client’s challenges

  1. Negative experience collaborating with another lead generation company. Within a year of cooperation with an outsourced team, X3 Marketing Group dealt with unqualified leads, which resulted in zero booked appointments. The main reason for that was a misunderstanding of the client’s business specifics and needs.
  2. A need for a consistent flow of qualified leads. A client required not only validated leads but their nonstop flow on a regular basis.
  3. Need for multiple leads in a narrow niche in a highly competitive market.


  1. Implementation of the local outreach campaign. We launched a face-to-face outreach campaign to target only local businesses based in Colorado in a limited range of industries. The main concept of the cold outreach was to target companies in the internal market, aiming to facilitate the growth of local businesses. Screenshot   2023 06 28 T124149.477 Min
  2. Leads segmenting according to specific industry and applying a F2F approach. According to the client’s requests, we applied only a F2F approach to foster deal closing. Our email writers crafted highly personalized templates targeting particular industries and incorporated social proofs and the company’s achievements that addressed specific prospects’ pain points.
  3. Management and support of real-time meetings with prospects. Since the F2F approach requires intensive communication with the client and the prospect, we facilitated this process with our active engagement and support at each step of the journey.

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  • 115appointments booked in 14 months
  • 20deals closed
  • 100%avg. KPI achieved
  • We set up approximately 10 appointments each month, which resulted in 100+ F2F meetings in 14 months in total.
  • So far, the total number of deals closed is 20.
  • KPI benchmarks reached 100%.
  • The highest open rate reached 54%, while the reply rate was 6–7%.
  • In total, we generated 17K+ leads.
  • The client’s active involvement in in-person meetings with prospects and Belkins’ handcrafted approach toward lead qualification ensured an approximate 20% of the closed rate.

Client Review

Challenges Belkins encountered

  1. Narrow niche and location. With a solid client’s standpoint regarding limited industry targeting, it was hard for us to convince the client to expand the outreach. Therefore, we invested extra effort in lead generation and qualification to fulfill the need for fresh prospects.
  2. Highly competitive market. Although X3 Marketing Group is geared toward enhancing businesses’ online presence for companies only from specific industries, we had to elaborate the value proposition in a way that precisely resonates with the prospects’ needs and challenges.
  3. Restoring trust to appointment setting vendors. Due to a negative experience while working with the previous company, the X3 Marketing Group team didn’t trust our expertise. Thus, in the first steps, a lot of effort was put into dispelling the client’s fears and doubts and setting up smooth communication.
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  • Published26 Jun 2023
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