How Belkins works

Rated #1 on Clutch, G2, and UpCity, we hone our skills and tools, so that you could grow your B2B sales in any niche, with any qualifiers. Our end goal is to offer an elite level of quality across all B2B markets.


What we do to make clients happy

Brian Hicks
Eclectic. Dynamic. Customer-oriented.
To make sure that we deliver exactly what you expect, not what we want you to expect, your definition of success becomes the centerpiece of roadmaps and strategies we build. Whenever we onboard a new client, we focus on their industry specifics, their long-term objectives, and their business culture — and then we enrich it with the best sales practices, creativity, and experience of our SDRs, researchers, and AMs to build a predictable and stable sales channel.
Brian Hicks
VP of Sales
Trusted by more than 1,000 companies
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Structured customer onboarding
Granular research
Content writing
Team synergy & communication
Honest feedback & transparency

Our clients’ results

opportunities yearly
deal closing rate
ROI achieved
1/4 cost
of in-house team
Win more clients
With our result-oriented process that facilitates your business growth.
Values behind Belkins processes
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There is no room for half-measures in our work. No matter how complicated the case is, or how niche the target industry is, we strive toward the perfect balance between achievable and fulfilling — and we hold our tools, ourselves, and our team members to this standard.
Time is our most valuable asset and we manage it responsibly. We are never late for meetings, we outline realistic deadlines and keep up with them, we navigate ourselves with tools, extensions, and calendars — and we save your time, so you can complete more in shorter terms.
We don’t do anything for show. As soon as we get in touch with your team, your goals are our goals and your success is our priority. We are ready for intense brainstorming, sudden challenges, and growing pains — as long as it ends with your growth.
We always know the goals and tasks of each team member and can rely on them to do their best. To ensure seamless synergy, we make sure that everybody can see their personal input in the final product.
We own our mistakes and take responsibility. Denying slipups is counterproductive — instead, we analyze what we did wrong, how we can fix it, and how we can avoid such mistakes in the future. Facing our imperfections is what helps us grow as experts.

Why is Belkins different?

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Balance between frameworks and flexibility
Treats every client in accordance with the success qualifiers relevant to their industry and business.
Integration into the client’s team
Studies the client’s product specifics, marketing materials, and company to become the extension of their in-house team.
Straightforward communication
Openly communicates roadmaps, long-term, and moments that need to be addressed to secure the campaign’s success.
Result-oriented approach
Is interested in delivering real value that goes beyond flashy numbers in reports and makes a difference for the client’s business.
Professional teams
Values advanced soft skills and knowledge of B2B sales when looking for new experts - and invests in enriching them.
Achieve 100% Success
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Other companies
Framework-based workflow
Use a cookie-cutter approach to optimize time management due to working with a large number of industries and customers.
Limited by the vendor role
Don’t go into details and use only a minimum amount of information necessary for launching campaigns.
Lack of feedback
Don’t mention problems and setbacks, offering promises instead of results, which slows down the entire sales process.
Contract-oriented approach
Follow the letter of the contract, delivering the promised results. Don’t go further to secure real value and ensure increased ROI.
Static teams
Have a rigid model that makes it hard to train new experts and share experience, which leads to longer sales cycles.
If you’re only starting out, Belkins is ready to offer you a few cost-effective B2B appointment setting solutions. We’ll get your new business going fast with high-quality leads.
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Mid-sized companies
Our experts know how to attract the attention of your ideal customers and draw them into the pipeline to boost your annual revenue.
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Winning the hearts of your most valuable leads is our passion. We nurture and convert your customers to help you keep a strong leading position on the market.
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How companies succeed with us

Check out how we help our clients skyrocket their revenue and scale 2x faster.


How and where do you contact prospects?

We reach out to them using cold emails. Our researchers study the companies that match your ICP, template writers create appealing messages, and email deliverability specialists fine-tune mailbox settings to eliminate spam.

What does set Belkins apart from other appointment-setting agencies?

You won’t see an hours-spent or email-sent collaboration model working with us. We’ve developed a unique process that makes us your advisors, partners, and an integral part of your team. To map the most effective strategy for your growth, we start with onboarding and dive deep into your business specifics. Having your success as our top priority, we provide results-driven, KPI-focused services, motivating our professionals to get the job done for you.

How do you know what would work out best for my business?

Belkins’ process relies only on data-driven decisions. Not only do our specialists study your market far and wide but they leverage the best sales practices and the most relevant experience that suits your case best. Also, we understand that each project is unique, that’s why we A/B test even proven approaches that worked out previously.

What are the main metrics of a client’s success?

Your ROI is all that matters. Our team acquires quality leads and successful appointments for you to close top deals and optimize your sales costs. Besides, within each campaign that we launch, we track email deliverability, open, and reply rates, the character of leads’ responses, the number of appointments, no-shows rate, and deal closing ratio.


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