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Our lead gen agency helps marketing companies get in front of their ideal clients. We utilize cold outreach to present your services to ready-to-buy leads, winning your dream deals and cutting your CAC in half.

Brendan WalshCo-Founder & Principal at Mole Street

We just closed one of our largest contracts based on their lead research. They are the real deal. I can’t say enough good things about Belkins.

Brendan Walsh
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Challenges of marketing agencies
Belkins solves
Hard to stand out in overcompetitive market
Difficulties in presenting value proposition
The ICP is too narrow
Lack of outreach experience
Why marketing businesses choose us
Extensive experience in the advertising & marketing industry

We speak the same language with marketers because we operate in the same industry and share similar struggles. Our approach to lead gen for advertising agencies is based on our own proven experience in client acquisition. It brought us almost 1,000 customers in 5 years.

Following your rules uncompromisingly

If you’re afraid that your potential lead gen partner won’t follow your unique TOV and catch on to your creative vision, rest assured, Belkins will. We study your positioning very carefully to walk in your shoes and come up with an improved and well-aimed value proposition.

Multi-focused approach to cold outreach campaigns

One-size-fits-all strategy? This is what you won’t get while working with us. We craft specific UVPs for each of the segments you target, elaborating on cold email templates so that they are focused on your decision-makers’ pain points. It brings maximum traction to campaigns, filling your calendar with productive appointments with high sales potential.

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Belkins’ results in the
marketing & ads industry:
Happy clients from the marketing sector

Our partners are boutique marketing agencies, big players with enterprise clients, and local digital agencies with narrow-industry expertise.

Avg. number of appts per quarter

With a consistent and predictable flow of appointments, you’ll maximize your brand awareness and boost the number of regular deals with qualified prospects.

Avg. number of monthly deals

We make cold outreach the most successful sales acquisition channel for agencies, bringing them a steady flow of opportunities on a monthly basis.

CAC reduction

With us as your lead generation partner, your pipeline will always be clean of ill-fitted leads, which boosts conversion and significantly reduces CAC.

Expertise proofs from
Belkins' clients
Michael ColomboKyle MerwinJustin LynchJeff ShipmanBrendan Walsh

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