Email deliverability expert

An email deliverability expert (EDS) knows the ins and outs of anything email-related — from infrastructure to the latest trends to maximize the number of messages received.

Our mission is to ensure every campaign is fine-tuned and delivers perfect domain health with a 0% spam rate.

Mira Vdovychenko Head of Email Deliverability Department
Mira Vdovychenko
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How it works
How it works
First day
First, we find a free domain name, similar to yours. After its approval and purchase, email deliverability consultants tune DNS records, create new mailboxes, set them up, and start warming them up.

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Myroslava Vdovychenko
Myroslava VdovychenkoHead of Email Deliverability
Sergey Drob
Sergey DrobEmail Deliverability Specialist
Oleksandr Yemelianov
Oleksandr YemelianovEmail Deliverability Team Lead
Oleksandr Hrabovskyi
Oleksandr HrabovskyiEmail Deliverability Team Lead
Oleksandr Danilyuk
Oleksandr DanilyukEmail Deliverability Specialist
Iryna Kravchuk
Iryna KravchukEmail Deliverability Specialist
Taking email deliverability
to the next level
We run general domain audit, analyze domain zones risk, and set mailbox configurations to provide you with strategic domain health measures.
Focusing on Google algorithms, we conclude which words, signatures, and content elements like links or pictures are allowed to be used.
Our deliverability consultants monitor and keep your domain reputation at a certain level, so that your emails always reach an average 60% open rate, depending on the industry.
As soon as we find the right approach, we keep maintaining the reputation’s stability throughout the campaign.
Over the years, the hands-on experience with hundreds of projects led us to the full process automation and resulted in Belkins’ proprietary AI-based deliverability platform, Folderly.
Companies without a deliverability department change their domains once in 3 weeks, spending about $40-70 per each. Having an EDS in your team prevents you from performance and budget loss.
Zero spam rates are real
Get more from your cold outreach thanks to our email deliverability wizards.
Deliverability keystone:
Belkins’ prep tech analysis
Domain preparation

Set correct DNS, DKIM, SPF, and MX records to prove domain credibility.

Content quality monitoring

We leverage advanced stop-word detection tools to eliminate spam rates.

Previous activity research

We audit your current campaigns and setting to detect improvement points.



Inbox Rate

Royal Folderly

IP Address


Lead quality check

We decide on the recipients and forecast all possible deliverability factors.

Sending limits estimation

Based on your industry and goals, we assess recommended emails’ limits.

Deciding on the sender’s persona

We select a sender address and polish signatures for more effectiveness.

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Folderly — the paragon of email deliverability service

Thousands of manually configured and warmed-up mailboxes led us to our core strategy — automate everything! Folderly embodies our tried-and-true methods of email deliverability check and acceleration.

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With this core instrument, Belkins's EDSs can:
Audit domain
Get descriptive data about key metrics
Automate mailbox warm-up
Analyze and verify email templates content

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How important is it to engage this specialist for outreach campaigns?

Many of our clients are curious about this role and its place in the overall campaign success. Belkins’ EDSs help maintain a positive sender reputation, prevent email blacklisting, and increase engagement and conversions. Overall, this means your outreach campaign isn’t interrupted, and prospects see your messages in their inboxes, which brings higher ROI for your company.

What types of email issues can Belkins’ email deliverability expert address?

Our EDS can resolve a wide range of email issues, including high bounce rates, low open rates, low click-through rates, and high spam complaints. They use data-driven insights and proven strategies to eliminate these problems and improve the campaign results, which leads to more appointments in your calendar.

What is the role of Belkins’ email deliverability specialist?

Belkins’ EDSs ensure that your emails reach the inbox and avoid spam folders. They monitor campaign’ performance, analyze metrics, provide recommendations, and implement them to improve deliverability rates.

How do EDSs work with clients?

Before launching the campaigns, they revise clients’ domain health and make fixes to create a base for further outreach. Then, they work closely with the client delivery team to understand outreach goals and current email performance.

What is a mailbox warm-up and why do I need this?

Our deliverability specialists and SDRs are responsible for running smooth warm-up campaigns. It is the process of real mailing imitation, which positively affects domain reputation. It’s important because instantly sending thousands of emails from a new mailbox will signal a spam mailing.

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