Sales development representative

Belkins’ SDRs represent the hub of your delivery team, orchestrating team members’ priority tasks while responding to your prospect's questions and optimizing sales processes to convert.
Working with SDR at Belkins gives you unique access to the best practices proven by the combined experience of over 1,000 clients.
Alla Ivanova
Head of SDR Department
Alla Ivanova
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How it works
How it works
First day
After getting to know your team, business, and product and gathering all the necessary data, we proceed to design your unique value proposition (UVP) concept.
What makes Belkins’ SDRs
At your service, there are outsourced sales development professionals and experienced SDR team leads with various backgrounds: software development, event management, construction, marketing, and others.
Belkins’ SDR team is armed with the best-performing professional software. We’re early adopters of the cutting-edge tools and solutions, which makes us the ideal outsourced SDRs.
We’ve aggregated tried-and-true best practices, team brainstorms, workshops, and educational initiatives in our internal Wiki. This supplies our SDRs with the most comprehensive info, needed for their daily tasks.
We immerse ourselves into your business and team to accomplish our mission. We work closely toward a mutual goal with the content team, EDSs, and lead researchers, share insights, and help each other progress.
KPI-driven, dedicated team, for which every project is a priority.
Continuous learning is our lifestyle. Knowledge sharing is our everyday ritual.

Assemble the best team
to work on your behalf

Alla Ivanova
Alla IvanovaHead of SDR
Vitaliy Zubkov
Vitaliy ZubkovSDR Team Lead
Valentyna Dervisis
Valentyna Dervisis SDR Team Lead
Lera Sydorenko
Lera SydorenkoSDR
Anastasiia Varvarova
Anastasiia VarvarovaSDR
Alina Pavlenko
Alina PavlenkoSDR
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Be humane

Write in a conversational style and keep it personable — avoid sounding like an algorithm.


Respond once you’ve opened emails because timing is crucial.

Follow up

Send a follow up for each contact, even if it doesn’t look like an opportunity.


Use tags and create categories for each email in the pipeline to keep your inbox organized.

No loose ends

Always leave an empty mailbox at the end of the day for a fresh start tomorrow.

Keep track

Analyze all the responses and available data to get the highest result possible.


Be client’s advocate, believe in their product, and promote it as your own.

SDR success formula


tone of voice

We aren’t machines, and neither are our partners. We do more than just sign contracts: We build relationships. That’s why cooperating with Belkins’ SDRs is always a pleasure.

Head of SDR Department

Alla Ivanova

Head of SDR Department



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See what others are saying about Belkins’ services and how our SDRs helped hack their growth.
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How companies grow with us

Check out how we help our clients win each opportunity.


What KPIs will Belkins’ SDRs track when working on my project?

We focus on company or industry benchmarks and your sales department’s main operations. Besides, we track the total emails sent, reply and open rates, the number of booked appointments, and the no-show rate.

Are outsourced SDRs better than in-house?

It depends on your goals, time limits, and budget. Belkins’ outsourced SDRs are better in terms of economy and velocity since building a professional in-house sales team can be time-consuming and expensive.

How experienced are Belkins’ sales development representatives?

Our SDRs are well-versed sales professionals with a proven track record in lead generation, prospecting, and appointment setting. They undergo continuous training and coaching to stay up-to-date on the latest best practices. Also, each of them has extensive knowledge in specific industries to meet your company’s goals more efficiently.

What sets Belkins’ sales development approach apart from others?

Our approach is based on a deep understanding of your business and target audience. We create customized campaigns that resonate with your prospects, resulting in higher response rates.

Why Belkins’ SDRs are different from the other agencies and bring higher results?

We invest in our people, hiring only the best specialists and working heavily on their retention. On average, the SDR lifespan is 12 months. But at Belkins, SDRs stay with us for 3-5 years, which helps them gain more experience and knowledge to apply to your projects.

What tools do Belkins’ SDRs use?

Our SDRs are equipped with the most advanced tools for prospecting, targeting the right decision-makers, boosting email deliverability, and scheduling and holding appointments. But we don’t rely entirely on tech. Even top-notch software can’t replace a highly-skilled outreach professional, so our people are our most valuable asset.

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