Celerway Communication

ABM strategy for a telecom company that brought 97 appointments and 144% KPI

  • 97appointments booked in 10 months
  • 144%KPIs achieved
CategoryAppointment Setting
Company size11-50 employees

About Celerway

Celerway Communication is a telecom company enabling businesses to stay connected through a number of mobile LTE/4G/5G solutions. They feature multi-WAN routers and M2M devices powered by their proprietary CelerwayOS that supports a wide range of network interfaces.

Responsible team
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Client’s challenges

  1. Need for growth.The client’s No. 1 challenge was promoting their portable router, GO, to new markets since they had little experience in expansion.
  2. Limited in-house resources. Celerway already had a strong position in the market, working with top telecommunication companies. They also had more dream clients than they could process and little to no time for getting in touch with their decision-makers.
  3. Covering new acquisition channels. They covered multiple acquisition channels like referral and events but wanted to go outbound. This is why the client started looking for agencies to outsource their lead generation. They chose Belkins after receiving a lead sample: Our leads were within scope, and our onboarding process and campaign timelines were transparent and clear.

Client Review on Clutch


  1. Covering a worldwide scale. The outreach campaign covered countries from nearly every continent: North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Numerous locations from across the globe resulted in successful negotiations and closed deals.
  2. Developing account-based strategy. When we promoted 4G routers, we applied traditional cold outreach approaches, such as referral, partnership, and event-oriented campaigns. Since the client trusted us to promote more complex 5G products, we switched to account-based marketing (ABM), fine-tuning messaging to each specific company rather than opting for mass mailings.
  3. Refining TAM. Initially, we targeted media, broadcast, and NGOs, expanding to system integrators and adjusting search and qualification criteria.
  4. Establishing regular sync-ups. We managed to establish quick two-way communication to align the client’s expectations with our efforts. In turn, it allows us to move forward faster and increase the number of qualified appointments.

  • 97appointments booked in 10 months
  • 144% KPIs achieved
  • 65% cold email open rate
  • 97 booked appointments in 10 months, 56 of which were marked as either a very good or a perfect fit by the client.
  • 10 booked appointments from 200 leads within one of the event campaigns.
  • 20 highly tailored cold outreach campaigns launched.
  • Up to 65% open rate reached, with an average above 60%.
  • Highest reply rate of 14%, twice higher than the industry average.
  • Average KPI of 137% over 6 months, reaching 144% in the last quarter.

Challenges Belkins encountered

  • Highly specific niche. Though we worked with multiple telecom companies before, we had to dive deep into specific technical details with Celerway to be able to filter potential leads and craft tailored, resonating messages.
  • Tough research. Over time, it became more difficult to find relevant leads, even with sophisticated research, as the requirements were rather vague. Such research required a lot of manual operations, which made it time-consuming and slowed down the process. To overcome this challenge, our team picked companies that were potential fits based on previous feedback and then jumped on calls with the client to review them. Unfortunately, sometimes even suitable companies weren’t qualified as they didn’t have enough B2B services and had limited need for Celerway solutions.
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  • Published17 Jul 2023
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