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Belkins’ outreach strategy helped a music agency close deals ranging from $10K to $25K in 6 months

  • 115appointments booked within 9 months
  • $10K+avg. deal size
CategoryAppointment Setting
HeadquartersLafayette, Colorado, USA
Company size11-50 employees

About CustomChannels

CustomChannels offers a simple, reliable, and effective solution for businesses to enhance customer experiences with quality licensed music. Their team, passionate about music, works closely with businesses to craft the perfect playlist tailored to their unique atmosphere and customer base.

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  1. Expanding deal opportunities. CustomChannels aimed to increase their deal closure rate, focusing on securing appointments with companies that operate multiple locations. Their goal was to maximize opportunities and expand their reach within various sectors.
  2. Conveying the value of music. The client needed to ensure that stakeholders comprehended the significant impact of music on customer experiences. It was crucial to not only communicate this value effectively but also to engage with key players at the most opportune moments for decision-making.
  3. Finding suitable lead generation solutions. The client’s exploration of various lead generation strategies faced a hurdle. This was caused due to their relatively smaller deal sizes, compared to larger-scale companies that work with appointment-setting vendors.


ICP identification

  • In collaboration with the client, our team adopted a comprehensive approach to identifying ICPs, focusing on multi-venue businesses in the U.S. and Canada such as restaurants, dental clinics, property management companies, franchisers, and retailers.
  • We targeted key decision-makers, reaching out to IT managers, presidents, directors, operations heads, marketing professionals, and CEOs.

Refined outreach campaigns

We went for a referral approach, tailoring the value proposition to each specific industry we targeted and paired it with a clear and straightforward CTA. CustomChannels’ compelling value proposition was so effective that we didn't need to bother with other outreach strategies.

Template example:


  • 115appointments booked in 9 months
  • 50%avg. cold email open rate
  • $10K+avg. deal size
  • Lead generation. Initially, we generated 1,500 leads per month, which we later boosted to 2,000 leads per month. The restaurant sector was a goldmine, yielding 7,000 leads in total, and adding up to 10,834 leads overall.
  • Engagement metrics. The campaign achieved an average open rate of 50–55% and a reply rate of 8–10%.
  • Appointment setting. We’ve successfully delivered 115 appointments since May 2023, averaging 10–12 per month.
  • Deal closures. Within six months, the client successfully closed deals ranging from $10K to $25K, including contracts with several dream clients.

Challenges Belkins encountered

  • Identifying multi-location industries. At the beginning of the campaign, it was difficult to find industries with multiple locations and determine the exact number of venues for each prospect. This required in-depth research and strategic targeting to meet our client’s specific requirements.
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  • Published14 Feb 2024
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