From leads to wins: How Belkins impacted Appruv’s 155 appointments in 2 years

  • 155appointments booked in 2 years
  • 125%avg. KPIs achieved
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryInformation Technology & Services
HeadquartersNebraska, USA
Company size51-200 employees

About Appruv

Appruv is a secure online database designed as a centralized platform to track vendor information, making it accessible to all other personnel and departments. The company ensures the qualification and management of the entire network of vendors, contractors, and suppliers. Founded in 2001, Appruv is on a mission to advance the field of occupational health and safety.

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Client’s challenges

  1. Sales team extension. Expanding a sales team is a significant undertaking. Appruv faced the daunting task of onboarding new members while ensuring they grasped the company’s offerings and unique value proposition. Their team required savvy and highly professional experts who would streamline their sales processes.
  2. Appointments decline. A prior collaboration with another company yielded no appointments during the past few months. This situation raised concerns about the viability of Appruv’s offerings in the market and the effectiveness of their outreach efforts.
  3. Vendor reluctance. Quite often, Appruv’s potential clients were already tied to other vendors for similar services. This presented a unique challenge, since these prospects hesitated to consider Appruv’s offerings, despite recognizing their value. Appruv needed a strategy to break through the barriers and craft unique value propositions for each prospect category.


Crafting laser-focused value propositions and email templates

Within a nearly 2-year campaign, we tested different approaches. At the beginning of the outreach, we were incorporating a title-based approach since our initial focus was on researching and targeting titles in such industries as agriculture, energy and utilities, mining, and manufacturing. However, as it turned out, such campaigns didn’t yield the desired results. We recognized the need to adapt and iterate our approach. Therefore, we reverted to the industry-specific approach in combination with referral campaigns, which proved to be more effective and maximized our results.

Broadening audience horizons

We understood that to drive sustainable growth, Appruv needed to cast a wider net. We ventured into markets and territories previously untapped by our client by leveraging global reach. This not only diversified Appruv’s base but also reduced dependency on specific regions. Moreover, we were reaching out to prospects with the highest potential for conversion, ensuring that our client’s sales efforts yielded the best possible return on investment.

Based on our previous experience, we realized that different industries have unique demands, and we tailored VPs and outreach campaigns accordingly to resonate with various market preferences. This resulted in a more inclusive and adaptable approach, strengthening Appruv’s position as a global player.

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LinkedIn influencer campaign implementation

We identified ideal customer profiles and developed LinkedIn content and outreach strategies accordingly. This complex approach enabled Appruv’s team to convert new and existing connections into engaged leads and prospects. What did we do?

  • Crafted LinkedIn messaging sequences.
  • Equipped the client’s team with the necessary tools for LinkedIn outreach automation, content viewership boosting, and reporting.
  • Developed a tailored editorial calendar for original LinkedIn content creation.
  • Provided weekly reports with statistical data and insights to keep the client informed and empowered throughout the campaign.

  • 155appointments booked in 2 years
  • 125%avg. KPIs achieved
  • 63%cold email open rate
  • In collaboration with the client, we generated a total of 20,481 leads within almost 2 years. We started in November 2021, initially with a startup subscription plan, which resulted in the acquisition of 8,500 leads. As the campaign progressed, in July 2022, the lead count was expanded to 15,000.
  • The campaign exceeded KPIs by an impressive 125%.
  • The highest open rate reached 63%, while the campaign’s average open rate consistently exceeded 25%.
  • The highest reply rate reached 12%, with an average reply rate ranging from 7% to 10%, demonstrating effective audience interaction.

Challenges Belkins encountered

Navigating specialized titles. One of the challenges we faced was the need to research very specific titles within the safety and compliance sector. They included safety experts, contractor management specialists, and operational and procurement professionals. To effectively engage this niche audience, we recognized the importance of testing various email campaigns and strategies tailored to each specific title. This iterative approach allowed us to fine-tune our messaging and outreach, ensuring that we were effectively reaching and resonating with each category of titles.

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  • Published17 Oct 2023
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