From prospects to partners: 125+ appointments sealed for a Digital Sales Room provider

  • 126appointments booked
  • 100%avg. KPIs achieved
CategoryAppointment Setting
HeadquartersVillanova, Pennsylvania, USA
Company size11-50 employees

About JourneyDXP

JourneyDXP stands at the forefront of the digital customer experience space with its “Smart Rooms” concept. Integrating seamlessly with Salesforce, their innovative product provides a unique collaborative environment that enhances customer interactions and supports sales efficiency.

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Client’s challenges

Our client faced several barriers while attempting to penetrate the market:

  1. Ineffective pitching. JourneyDXP's product was a new concept in the market. This required a focused educational approach to fully convey the benefits of this innovative technology to the client’s prospects.
  2. Market positioning. Finding the sweet spot in the market for such a unique offering demanded a deep understanding of the enterprise landscape, which the client struggled to navigate.
  3. Inconsistent lead generation. Targeting large enterprises led to unstable lead generation, with engagement levels fluctuating unpredictably.


Strategic Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) segmentation

To streamline our client's targeting approach, we segmented ICP into four key categories based on role titles within B2B companies that were active users of Salesforce: innovation, marketing, sales, digital, and revenue titles. Several months ago, in collaboration with the client, we decided to target “innovation titles.” The shift in our outreach strategy to prioritize this group led to a marked rise in engagement and became a focal point in our outreach efforts.

Refining prospect qualification

In our targeted lead qualification process, we leveraged cutting-edge analytical tools to identify prospects within organizations already utilizing Salesforce CRM. Focusing on large enterprises, we applied a referral approach to navigate toward the right department or contact. This method helped us refine our search by identifying companies that employ Salesforce engineers and architects.

Tailored outreach approaches

Our client underwent a transformative journey through different outreach strategies before yielding consistent results. We began with a referral approach, then swiftly incorporated a “user interviews” method. While insightful, the conversions from this approach were suboptimal. Recognizing this, we pivoted to a title-based campaign.

Streamline engagement process

Our most successful strategy was a tailored, personalized approach that demonstrated the real-time value of the client’s solution:

  • Hands-on demo initiative. By setting up test Smart Rooms accounts either before or during the call, we provided prospects with an immediate understanding of the platform’s capabilities. This hands-on experience tailored to their process specifics significantly improved engagement.
  • Straightforward CTAs. We crafted CTAs in a way that encouraged an undeniable response from our prospects. By simply asking them to reply with a “yes,” we could seamlessly transition them into experiencing JourneyDXP’s innovative platform firsthand. This method drastically increased positive responses.
  • Consistent follow-ups. We elaborated upon follow-up messages that presented “a choice with no choice.” This approach effectively engaged prospects to either confirm interest or provide insights that could help refine our targeting. Here’s an example:

Email template

Through this adaptive and proactive strategy, we could overcome initial obstacles, significantly increasing the number and quality of leads and enhancing conversion rates.

  • 126appointments booked in 17 months
  • 100%avg. KPIs achieved
  • 19,390total leads generated
  • With a strategic targeting process in place, we’ve successfully generated a robust pipeline of19,390 leads.
  • We maintained an average of 8-10 appointments per month, totaling 126 appointments since the campaign's launch.
  • Innovation titles achieved the highest conversion to appointments, averaging a 4% reply rate.

Client Review

Challenges Belkins encountered

  1. Email deliverability. Due to Google’s privacy policy alterations, we had to enhance our email outreach strategies to maintain high deliverability. Moreover, targeting marketing titles led to increased spam issues, requiring us to adjust our email strategy to protect the client’s domain integrity.
  2. Economic shifts. The recession impacted our outreach. Therefore, we were required to be more agile to sustain the client’s outcomes progress.
  3. Identifying decision-makers. The platform’s complexity often meant that our target audience, while deeply involved in relevant processes, were not the ultimate decision-makers. We refined our approach to effectively engage the right titles across various departments.
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  • Published27 Nov 2023
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