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Acquire Top-Quality Healthcare Leads and Cut Your CAC in Half

Leverage Belkins unique lead generation expertise for healthcare businesses of all sizes. Our individualized approach, mixed with deep industry knowledge, will help you connect and land meetings with your ideal clients.

Henrik IbsenCEO at OpenTeleHealth

Belkins reached a 75% open rate and a 36% reply rate, thanks to their 100% data-driven approach. This makes them very responsive to real-time needs.

Henrik Ibsen
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Typical Pain Points Healthcare Companies Address to Belkins
Lack of complex outreach strategy
Need a partner with proven capabilities and outstanding reputation
Unsure of how to present value proposition the right way
Trouble getting in front of correct decision-makers
Why Healthcare Companies
Choose Us
Ultimate understanding of the medical industry and related markets

We have a wide specter of experience with healthcare companies: local private clinics, large hospitals, insurance companies, and telehealth services. Our team has helped reach up to 15% reply rate from this audience.

The elaborated strategy of outreach and follow-ups

Since we are aware of typical questions of the ICPs in this industry, we have a compilation of canned responses. Furthermore, we personalize templates for each ICP requirement.

Perfect presentation of your value proposition to the right personas

We make your value proposition stand-out, while delivering it in a comprehensive manner. Your outreach campaigns get maximum traction, and your sales team receives qualified, productive appointments.

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Belkins' Results in the Healthcare Industry:
Happy clients in the healthcare sector

Let us deliver you appointments with decision-makers so you can focus on the sales process to close deals faster.

Avg. number of appointments per quarter

You’ll receive a steady flow of opportunities in your pipeline, which maximizes your brand awareness and increases your deal-closing rate.

Avg. number of monthly deals

Driving qualified leads to your pipeline, cold outreach will become your most successful sales acquisition channel.

CAC Reduction

Your in-house sales team will no longer stumble upon irrelevant leads. We deliver a fast ROI by driving ready-to-buy leads and doubling your closing rate.

Expertise proofs from
Belkins' clients
Garrett GrohmanJenifer TagliaferroHenrik Ibsen
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    Belkins outreach was very effective. For six weeks, they researched and contacted 1,753 leads. The open rate of their campaign equaled 41%, and the reply rate hit nearly 13%.
    Garrett GrohmanMindstrong
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    The exceptional quality of their leads is impressive! The first appointment Belkins set for us was with a 10,000-employee company. For the three months of our cooperation, Belkins had arranged more than 20 meetings with the decision-makers of top niche players.
    Jenifer TagliaferroKoda Health
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    My team started to love Mondays, as we had calls with Belkins then. We received in-depth, informative reports and analyzed how our campaigns performed.
    Henrik IbsenOTH

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