203 appointments and 150% KPIs: How Belkins helped SaaS company expand and grow

  • 203appointments booked in 17 months
  • 150%avg. KPIs reached
CategoryAppointment Setting
HeadquartersBirmingham, Michigan, USA
Company size11-50 employees

About Pairaphrase

Pairaphrase is a SaaS company, offering an AI-powered translation management system for enterprise teams. Their solution brings global teams on the same page, ensures instant and reliable translation, supports multiple file formats, and allows the processing of large packages of documents simultaneously. The key advantage of Pairaphrase is that it preserves the formatting of the original file.

Responsible team
iconAccount manager: 1
iconSDR: 1
iconCopywriter: 1
iconLead researcher: 1

Client’s challenges

  1. Lack of resources. Pairaphrase has under 50 employees and no in-house marketing team, which makes it difficult for them to build a solid promotion strategy and generate leads for their sales team.
  2. Need for scaling. The client wanted to expand to the U.S. market but had limited capacity for that.
  3. Low sales predictability. They had new opportunities, but those were coming occasionally. The team needed to be able to forecast their possible revenue and get more regular client inflow.


  • Targeting schools with bilingual students. As the students may speak different languages, such schools often need to translate their documents during admission. Furthermore, the employees have to ensure that all the students have access to the same information. Primarily, we focused on the U.S. mid-sized and large schools.

Email template for SaaS company

  • Referral approach to outreach. We started with a tried-and-true approach, which delivers consistent results. Still, we take into account the specifics of the industry and adjust our campaigns to seasonality.
  • Intent-based campaign, split by industries. Initially, the performance of the campaigns didn’t justify itself, so we switched back to educational institutions. But later on, we came back to testing extra ICPs from the manufacturing and financial industries. The latter brought high-potential opportunities, which received positive feedback from the client.

  • 203appointments booked in 17 months
  • 150%avg. KPIs achieved
  • 84%cold email open rate

  • 203 highly qualified appointments were booked in under 17 months.
  • We outperformed the initial KPIs, achieving 150% of the monthly quota.
  • The average open rate reached as high as 84%, while the reply rate was around 16%.
  • Several potential clients with 1,000–5,000 employees were converted into deals.

Citation from the client Review

Challenges Belkins encountered

  • Seasonality. This was our number one challenge as the summer and winter holidays give too many OOO replies. That’s why we increased our efforts and booked more appointments before those periods.
  • Long sales cycle. The schools usually have a complex decision-making process, which impacted Pairaphrase sales. To overcome this, we’ve tried targeting additional industries to expand coverage.
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  • Published17 Aug 2023
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