Less is more: How laser-focused outreach yielded 3 major deals in 5 months for a SaaS SEO agency

  • 3deals closed
  • $8Kavg. deal size
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryAdvertising & Marketing
HeadquartersEagle, Idaho, USA
Company size11-50 employees

About Virayo

Virayo, a specialized SaaS SEO agency, excels in boosting organic traffic for B2B companies. Their strategic, ICP-driven approach enhances demos, trial signups, and SQLs. Known for transforming organic traffic into robust growth pipelines, Virayo’s work contributes markedly to the ARR growth of leading brands, establishing them as key players in the SaaS SEO domain.

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  • Extended sales cycles. Prolonged sales cycles typical in the SaaS industry hindered Virayo’s growth and scaling efforts. They often led to delays in project kick-offs and revenue recognition, posing a significant barrier to the company’s rapid growth and market expansion.
  • Market positioning amidst intense competition. Our task was to clearly articulate Virayo’s unique value to their prospects. Developing and implementing a strategy that set our client apart in this crowded market was crucial for engaging the target audience effectively.


In-depth ICP elaboration

In the process of target audience identification, we considered the following ICP criteria:

  1. Industry targeting. Our main focus was on B2B SaaS companies, particularly those within the marketing technology and HR sectors, while strategically opting not to concentrate on cybersecurity firms.
  2. Decision-maker engagement. We were reaching out to high-level decision-makers who play a pivotal role in purchasing decisions. This included CMOs, VPs of Marketing, Directors of Marketing, and Marketing Managers.
  3. Geographical focus. The primary focus of our research and outreach initiatives was North America. We also extended our efforts to Europe and Australia, aligning with Virayo’s market presence and growth goals.
  4. Company profile focus.Our campaign was concentrated on startups that had achieved a significant level of funding, particularly those with more than $10 million in Series A and B funding. Additionally, we focused on companies with a workforce of 20+ employees. This criterion helped us identify businesses that were at a growth stage and could find value in our client’s offerings.

Crafting personalized outreach campaigns

We developed outreach strategies and appropriate messaging that directly addressed the unique challenges and needs of each industry. We dynamically adjusted these strategies based on ongoing campaign analytics and feedback. Here is an example of the template:



Moreover, we incorporated:

  • Title-based approach where we were targeting:
    1. C-level titles in B2B SaaS. We created our emails to address common SEO challenges executives may face, underlining Virayo’s approach that prioritizes the bottom line. We incorporated success stories from similar companies to showcase the client’s proficiency in enhancing trials, demos, and ARR through organic search.
    2. Marketing titles in B2B SaaS. We tailored the communication with marketing professionals to address their specific concerns, such as integrating SEO strategies with pipeline development and enhancing vendor efficiency.
  • Industry-based approach. Our crafted email campaigns targeted different ICP groups. We used tailored subject lines that resonated with specific industries like HealthTech, FinTech, MarTech, Customer Support, and Logistics. We spotlighted Virayo’s case studies in these sectors, featuring specific achievements and offering strategy sessions to explore potential growth areas for the prospects’ companies. In this way, we ensured that our messaging was highly relevant for each industry segment.

  • 22appointments booked in 5 months
  • 3deals closed
  • $8Kavg. deal size
  • Lead generation. We generated a total of 7,823 qualified leads over a five-month period, where each lead was meticulously vetted to align with Virayo’s target customer profile.
  • Engagement metrics. The campaign’s overall open rate was 33.57%, with the highest open rate reaching 73%. The reply rate averaged 0.55%, peaking at 3%.
  • Appointment scheduling. We successfully scheduled an average of 6 appointments per month, totaling 22 appointments during the campaign.
  • Deal closures. Despite the challenges of extended sales cycles, our collaborative efforts led to the closing of 3 deals within this period. This not only optimized the sales process, shortening the lead-to-demo and demo-to-deal timeframes but also positively impacted Virayo’s ROI and business objectives.

Challenges Belkins encountered

  1. Market saturation. To address this challenge, we employed advanced analytics to measure the effectiveness of our messaging. This helped us continuously refine our approach to ensure Virayo’s unique selling points stood out in the crowded market.
  2. Email deliverability. Ensuring high email deliverability was one of the main tasks of our campaign. We utilized our proprietary spam-proof platform Folderly along with strategically crafted email templates to avoid spam triggers and enhance our overall campaign performance.
  3. Frequent objections. Often, there were objections from the client’s prospects related to comparisons with other vendors, in-house team preferences, and budget constraints. We handled each objection with tailored responses that were aligned with our client-centric approach, turning these challenges into opportunities for engagement.
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  • Published7 Feb 2024
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