Monarch Studios

41 appointments in 5 months: outperformed KPIs for film rental studio in LA

  • 41appointments booked in 5 months
  • 80%cold email open rate
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryEvent Services
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California
Company size1-10 employees

About Monarch

Monarch Studio is a creative film and production space in East Los Angeles featuring a large industrial warehouse, a cyclorama infinity wall, and various standing sets for photo and video shoots. The studio offers location rentals, photo studio rentals, equipment rentals, lighting, sound, and grip equipment to ensure a hassle-free filming experience from start to finish.

Client’s challenges

  1. Poor experience in sales. The client hadn’t had previous experience with selling products, especially with outbound marketing and cold outreach campaigns.
  2. Limited prospects’ budget. Since the client’s audience had low solvency, there was a dire need to adapt the value proposition to their preferences.
  3. Competition. Being the center of the movie industry, the LA market is highly saturated. In order to stand out from the crowd, outreach campaigns have to be adapted to the TA’s needs to the fullest.

Case Study Client Review


  • Lead generation. The client’s goal was to target only LA-based video production companies and studios in the field of media, film, and movie production. With that in mind, we focused mainly on titles that would impact the decision-making in the companies we were targeting: producers, senior producers, executive producers, marketing managers, creative directors and creative producers, etc. As for the industries, we mainly targeted prospects from entertainment, marketing and advising, and media production. The client’s unique value proposition and clearly defined ideal customer profile (ICP) helped us yield fast and effective results.

Screenshot   2023 05 31 T130332.364 Min

  • Customized email campaigns. Based on the research of the TA, our template writers crafted email templates tailored to the prospects’ pain points and highlighted the key benefits of Monarch Studios. We decided to apply the referral approach, and it turned out to perform perfectly, exceeding our KPI benchmarks. Also, we tested various subject lines to increase the chances of conversions. Let’s take a look at one of the templates we used:

Screenshot   2023 05 31 T130013.228 Min

  • 41 appointments booked in 5 months
  • 80%cold email open rate
  • 154%avg. KPI rate achieved

  • 850 leads were generated per month. In total, we reached out to 2,500 leads.
  • On average, the number of booked appointments makes up nearly 8 appointments per month. In 5 months, we managed to book 41 appointments.
  • The highest open rate reached 80%, while the reply rate was 8%.
  • In total, the client received 633 responses.
  • The average KPI benchmarks were outperformed, reaching 154%.
  • Prospects from the entertainment, marketing and advertising, and media production industries were the most responsive.
  • Reading duration10 min
  • Published30 May 2023
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