B2B sales metrics calculator: Track your growth like a pro

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B2B sales metrics calculator: Track your growth like a pro
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Our sales metrics calculator is your ultimate companion for optimizing sales performance and driving growth. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just starting your journey, this simple 9-in-1 tool provides essential insights and empowers data-driven decision-making.

Use cases:

  • As a head of sales or senior sales executive, keep your team on track and motivated by monitoring and improving key performance indicators.
  • As a marketing manager, gain a comprehensive view of your company's performance and identify areas for improvement in your sales and marketing alignment.
  • As a business owner, make strategic decisions based on real data, leading to enhanced revenue and business growth.

* Note: You'll access the Google sheet, which is available to copy and edit in the desktop format only

Metrics included:

  • Average Deal Size: Understand your deal values
  • Win Rate: Measure your success at closing deals
  • Demo-to-Close Ratio: Evaluate the effectiveness of product demos
  • Customer Acquisition Cost: Calculate the cost of attracting new clients
  • Customer Lifetime Value: Determine the long-term value of your customers
  • CAC-to-CLV Ratio: Assess the efficiency of your investments
  • Customer Retention Rate: Measure customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Revenue Churn: Track recurring revenue lost due to cancellations
  • Employee Turnover Rate: Monitor workforce stability and organization health
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