+50% to appointment rate growth and 20+ new booked meetings under 3 months for a hardware company Omnicharge

  • 50%+appointment rate growth
  • 20+new booked meetings per month
CategoryAppointment Setting
IndustryHardware Manufacturing
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California
Company size51-200 employees

About Omnicharge

Omnicharge is a unique and ever-developing company that offers the modern generation a chance to work on their projects without limits in terms of power. The innovative solutions in the form of power chargers fit for most purposes and devices is the area that the vendor is specializing in.

As a rapidly growing brand, Omnicharge aims to establish fruitful cooperation with interested individuals and institutions like schools, colleges, and universities. Aside from that, the brand would appreciate the involvement of governmental institutions such as fire-fighting departments, police offices, and third-party resellers. The list does not end with the mentioned branches.

Anyone who needs a reliable power supply to rely on can count on Omnicharge.

The company's headquarters are in Los Angeles, CA, but the brand is more than willing to expand international horizons and grow a dedicated user base all over the globe. As the pandemics hit, brand recognition started to drop, along with the income. Thus, the Omnicharge management decided to cooperate with Belkins to enhance the brand awareness and gather quality leads to later transform into paying customers.


It is hard to imagine a single person who wouldn't be interested in potent power banks that can be easily transported. Yet, as the pandemics hit, the Omnicharge sales started to decrease. Thus, a few essential matters were to be solved as soon as possible. These were the following:

  1. Brand awareness – most of the potential customer base had moved to online shopping due to the pandemics. Thus, working on wider brand awareness was one of the crucial points to cover.
  2. Increased market coverage – so far, the power chargers that Omnicharge offered were primarily aimed at the American market. In order to increase lead conversion and potential revenue, we had to make the product an international offer rather than a location-restricted one.
  3. Content improvement – the brand's online presence, especially when it came to LinkedIn promotion, was quite unsatisfactory. Thus, new content had to be created to improve the company's reputation along with the brand's recognition.
  4. Unusual product offer – the main sphere of Belkins expertise lies with software-related sales, and promoting a physical product was something new that the team had to deal with.

What we did

As you can see, the number of directions to hit was quite impressive. With over 5 year of experience in B2B lead generation for manufacturing companies, our team has managed to close 9+ new deals in the first 3 months. Besides, as the cooperation continues, more and more benefits are reaped by the company.

  • Close cooperation

B2B segment isn't the simplest area to find common ground at. Thus, both parties involved took some time and effort to establish a single vision on what was offered and what was needed.

  • Content layout

One of the pre-set goals that Belkins and Omnicharge have agreed on is customer awareness increase. Among all the presented ways, the client has chosen LinkedIn as the platform to spread the word about their product. Thus, while working with our designers and copywriters, the brand has had a number of SEO requirements in mind which we discussed and skillfully implemented in the final content copies.

  • Field research

As simple as the offered product in the form of power chargers sounds, so complex the complete notion is. Even though there is a great variety of marketing patterns that one can follow, Belkins has chosen an utterly unique approach to the matter. What we suggested was a demo unit of the power stations on sale (an Omni 20, to be more precise) to be sent to interested prospects. Should the institution decide to order a full-power station from Omnicharge, the demo unit remains in its use without additional charges involved. The approach designed for the given company turned out to be more than successful.

  • LinkedIn Influencer program

While email marketing has proved to be more than effective recently, the LinkedIn presence shouldn't be discharged without a single glance at it. Aside from building Omnicharge reputation and raising awareness, the Belkins team suggested that a post-sale nurturing campaign should be launched. We reach out to the clientele with whom we have shared a connection, cold calls, emails, etc.

Main difficulties we faced

No matter the number of professionals involved in the process, there were specific difficulties to overcome.

  • Physical product – since power stations are something palpable and a pretty physical product, we had to tune it with the offer. Being used to work with software products and online service promotion, it was a challenge to put up with, but there is nothing that our team wouldn't be able to deal with effectively.
  • Strict post moderation – while working on the content for the LinkedIn platform, it took some time and effort for the team to discuss with Omnicharge each piece of information suggested. Since the company worries about its reputation, we have taken the challenge with dignity and given the Omnicharge squad all the time they needed to research and approve provided content. Besides, ever-present mutual communication has given us all the advantages we could use in the process.

Learn more about the issues the team was facing and how they solved themfirst-hand in a new review from Omnicharge CEO on Clutch (the top platform for reviews).

  • 20Appointments booked per month
  • 9+New closed deals in the first 3 months

These 8 months have been productive and brought a lot of positive changes to Omnicharge's sales campaign and overall marketing policy.

  1. Appointment rate increase. Judging by the average number of calls set up per month, it is safe to claim that the appointment rate has increased over 50% over month, but that is not nearly a limit to stop at.
  2. Reputability spike. Due to the powerful approach to LinkedIn marketing and post-sale nurturing, the number of returning customers has increased. All that adds up to the brand reputability boost.
  3. New deals secured. With the average rate of 15-20 calls set up a month, the fair share of leads becomes paying customers. (Average conversion of outbound leads is approximately 15%).

Key takeaways

1) New perspective matters

There are countless trotted paths when it comes to online marketing, no matter the field you take. However, there is also a lot of room for experimentation. If the partner is open to discovering new horizons, it's worth taking a chance. As the gained achievements show, giving away a free token in the form of Omni 20 has helped convert more leads than any other marketing trick known to the industry experts.

2) Patience is the key

We have spent hours testing new theories, strategies, and approaches. Countless hours were spent on mutual communication between the company representative and the Belkins team. While it may seem like a lengthy route to take, together, you can find the approaches that turn out to be the most effective. Besides, testing each thought and idea is never a waste. Each marketing sphere and the user base can respond positively to the most unexpected triggers. Should you be the one to uncover what makes your prospects tick, you will get ahead of the competition in no time.

3) Synergy is vital

Once you start speaking the same language, the cooperation will turn out to be twice as fruitful. It takes some time for an outsourced team to submerge into the field altogether, but the outcome is worth the effort. Besides, you can always ask the client to lead you through the process so that you interact with one another through every stage.

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  • Published25 Mar 2022
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