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Offer a unique hardware product but need professional help reaching out to B2B decision-makers? Trust Belkins to fill your pipeline with qualified appointments.

Jason WongCEO at Omnicharge

We were especially impressed by the deep research - it seemed that Belkins experts started speaking our brand’s language after delving into our style guidelines and investigating them for a while.

Jason Wong
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Key Sales Issues of Manufacturing Businesses
Lack of outbound knowledge and best practices
Sophisticated product selling can be hard to outsource
Inconsistent flow of new leads
Need to scale in-house marketing efforts
Why Manufacturers Choose Us
Proficiency in lead research

Searching for prospects in niche markets is the toughest challenge companies face and call on Belkins for. What makes our process so effective? Our researchers use advanced tools, specific intel, and highly-attuned instruments to put out lead information from numerous databases. On top of that, every lead is selected manually.

Creative outreach strategies

When our team is pulled up to bat, your strategy receives consistent data-driven upgrades to maximize the campaign’s KPI. Regardless of your market limitations or product’s complexity, we’ll come up with an impactful value proposition and ways to get it in front of your ideal clients.

Consistent follow-ups to cut through the layers of titles

Knocking on the wrong door happens; especially when you’re pitching a complicated B2B product. But right from the start, we prepare a list of follow-ups to reach decision-makers and consistently move your campaign forward. We analyze performances and improve messages to achieve greater success month over month.

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Belkins' Results for Manufacturing Clients:
Satisfied customers in the manufacturing in 2022

Our clientele comes from various manufacturing sub-verticals. This allows us to continuously accumulate the best strategies and tactics, improving outreach with valuable data.

Avg. number of appointments per quarter

Companies with long sales cycles demand a flow of leads and appts on a weekly basis. But that doesn’t mean quality is any less important. Our guarantee is to deliver only qualified appointments.

Avg. number of new deals per year brought by Belkins

The number of closed monthly contracts will vary throughout the lifecycle of your campaign. But our specialists will go above and beyond to help you win as many customers and as fast as possible.

CAC Reduction

Our core value proposition is a result-driven and experienced team equipped with the sales tools that get the job done. We work to get traction fast and deliver more leads than any other sales acquisition channels.

Expertise proofs from
Belkins' clients
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